Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do you provide service?
In a word, ‘Everywhere.’  CorTrans offers door-to-door service throughout North America, and to most locations overseas.  Our overseas network of partners is strong, giving us reach to virtually anywhere.  We even deliver shipments directly onto military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I need a cost-effective solution. Can CorTrans ship my freight via rail?

Yes, CorTrans has a wide range of solutions to meet your time and budget needs.  We have a number of relationships with railroads and intermodal partners.

When is a truckload shipment considered oversized?

The laws governing oversize shipment vary slightly from state to state.  In general, any shipment over 102” wide, over 162” high (including the trailer height), or over 80,000 pounds gross weight (including tractor and trailer) is considered oversized and require permits to move legally. Our Specialized Equipment group can handle all the details; please contact us.

I need a quote -- what information does CorTrans need to prepare a quotation?

The more information you can provide, the more accurately we can price it.  Important information includes Service Level, weight, dimensions, origin and destination.  The fastest way to receive a quote is to call us (678-969-9529) or contact us via webform.

My shipment contains Hazardous Materials. Can you transport it safely and legally?

Yes, absolutely.  Just provide the particulars to your CorTrans representative and we’ll ensure that all personnel involved in moving your shipment are HazMat-certified.

Can CorTrans create the paperwork (such as a Bill of Lading) for me?

Yes.  Once your account is established in our operating system, all we need from you is the shipment details.  We can provide the official shipping paperwork, leaving you less to worry about.

Do you ship via “All Cargo” or Passenger airlines?

Both – we have access to a wide range of cargo and passenger flights.  Of course, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires a CorTrans representative to perform a site visit at each shipping location before a customer can move their goods on passenger flights.

I have an urgent shipment that needs to move immediately – can I get a pickup today?

Yes. Contact us immediately (+1 678-969-9529) and let our representative know that you have an urgent shipment that needs to move today.  We’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

Do you ship on weekends and holidays?

Absolutely.  Contact us immediately (+1 678-969-9529) and let our representative know that you have a shipment that needs to move over a weekend on holiday, or that you need weekend/holiday pickup/delivery service.  We’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

How can I track my CorTrans shipment?

All CorTrans shipments can be tracked from any internet connection.  Just click “Quick Tracking” on our tracking page.  If you’re a registered “MyCorTrans” user, you can use the tracking page to access your CorTrans portal.  And, of course, you can contact CorTrans 24 / 7 / 365 to speak to a representative — just give us a call.

How many trucks does CorTrans operate?

While CorTrans doesn’t operate a private fleet of vehicles, we have access to thousands of vehicles of all shapes and sizes – from dry vans to highly specialized equipment.  Being “asset light” does not limit what we can offer, instead, it enables us to find the right transportation solution for you.



How long has CorTrans been in business?

CorTrans was founded in 1999.  Our management team has literally hundreds of years in the supply chain industry.

Why should I use a third-party logistics (3PL) provider?

Freight forwarders and 3PL’s provide agility and flexibility, without being confined to a certain equipment type or geographic territory.  CorTrans leverages its operating network to ensure you service needs are met at a reasonable price.  Asset-based providers are locked into a particular operating network; we have no such limitations.

How can I contact CorTrans?

Our main telephone number is +1 678-969-9529.  Additional telephone numbers are found at the bottom of this page.  Or, you can contact us via webform.

Is CorTrans a Small Business?

Yes.  To further clarify, most organizations, including the US Government, use a company’s industry classification (NAICS) to determine its size.  CorTrans’ primary NAICS code is 481112.  Using the Small Business Administration’s size standards for NAICS 481112, CorTrans Logistics is a Small Business Enterprise.

Are there advantages to working with small, minority owned suppliers?

Yes. For more information, see “Advantages of Supplier Diversity“.

What are your terms and conditions of service?

Terms, conditions, and limitations of liability vary by shipment mode.  See our terms page for more information.