Government Solutions

government-militaryCorTrans has years of experience in serving those who serve.  In fact, the US military was CorTrans’ first customer in 1999.  Since then, our team has developed a wide range of solutions for government customers.  Among them:

Disaster Relief

  • Warehouse storage of relief supplies:  CorTrans provides temperature controlled storage facilities for a range of disaster relief supplies – include medical equipment, personal protective gear, and healthcare supplies.  Sites are strategically located in key locations.
  • Emergency Transportation Response:  CorTrans supports a number of agencies in providing domestic delivery services of emergency goods.  Modes include less-than-truckload, full truckload (dry van and specialized equipment), palletized air freight, bulk freight – even chartered aircraft.  As our operations center is available 24 / 7 /365, CorTrans is available whenever disaster strikes.
  • Disaster Response:  CorTrans provides expedited shipping during natural (hurricane, flood, etc.) and man-made (fire, chemical, etc.) disasters.
    • Haiti: In response to the devastating earthquake of 2010, CorTrans provided emergency distribution and transportation of 4500 cots and other relief supplies to the affected locations
    • Japan Earthquake/Tsunami:  In response to the 2011 disaster, CorTrans deployed 4500+ personal protective suits enabling emergency workers and control room personnel access to the disabled nuclear plan – all on a moment’s notice.  This involved the careful coordination of trucking and aircraft transportation and Customs clearance in the United States and Japan.

Reliable Transportation of Government Freight

  • Express and deferred domestic transportation:  Through our Schedule 48 contract (GS-33F-0002M), CorTrans provides a range of day-definite freight solutions to meet delivery and budgetary requirements.
  • Express international air freight shipments to military locations around the world
  • Chartered aircraft (including AN-124) for transporting time sensitive, heavy haul cargo

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