Project Logistics / Project Cargo

Big Project?  Ugly Freight?  Call CorTrans.

IAD-SDJ-CorTrans-001Combining the strength of our international and specialized equipment teams, CorTrans provides complete oversight of your complex project cargo moves.  No matter how complex, CorTrans can manage your project, obtaining required licenses and permits, obtaining routes and regulatory permissions, and obtaining all the equipment.

The photograph on the right is from one such project.  The mission wasn’t an easy one.

CorTrans had to move a 70-ton shipment from central Virginia to a remote location in Japan. The CorTrans team obtained cranes and riggers at origin and destination (the largest crane in Japan!), moved the units on three extra-low trucks to Dulles airport, where the cargo was transloaded onto an Antonov 124 aircraft.  Pre-cleared, the shipment moved hundreds of miles (traveling only at night due to Japanese regulations) on four highly specialized trucks.