Domestic Air Cargo Services

(Within the contiguous United States, including Alaska and Hawaii)
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CorTrans specializes in the transportation of freight by air, using passenger aircrafts as well as cargo aircrafts. This allows us to meet the needs of our customers by providing solutions and competitive pricing.

Whether you need the urgency of direct air service or have the flexibility to take advantage of more economical options, our numerous long-term relationships with commercial and cargo carriers means your time-critical shipments are readily expedited.

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The final mile from destination airport to your door can also be critical to your shipment and you can be assured it will go with ease. For instance, even if your shipment’s final mile is 250 miles out, we will arrange delivery with our Air Expedited Final Mile service. As soon as the flight lands, we retrieve the freight and move.

CorTrans offers all available levels of service to meet your time and budget needs:


Next Flight Out (NFO)

Next Day: Delivery nationwide on the next business day

Second Day: Delivery within two (2) business days.

Economy: Delivery within three (3) to five (5) business days.

Additional options for your domestic air shipment.

The CTL air team is comprised of a group of talented and experienced air freight experts with decades worth of knowledge on the ever-changing industry of air transportation. We have seen the growth in the logistics field blossom into its present form, having experience in every facet of this business.”

Our team is here to assist you with all your air transportation needs. Both large and small, we have the skills to help meet your needs.

Domestic Air

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Challenge: Customer came to us looking for a solution for next day and second day shipments where cutoff time is past what the larger cargo carriers offer.
CTL Solution: We immediately went to work piecing together a plan that used the idea of running a daily truck directly to the nearest air cargo hub. Sometimes the bigger carriers don’t have the ability to deviate from their schedule. This gave the customer the capability to ship his product by more than an hour after the cutoff time for larger carriers. CorTrans will put together a plan for your company no matter how complicated.

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